Meet Leslie Diamond

After singing lead in the choir, playing piano in the orchestra, winning the lead in her senior play, and majoring in Mass Communications and Theatre Arts in college, Leslie’s VO career began in the days of reel to reel, where she learned to get it right the first time! Between Rumrill-Hoyt Advertising Agency (account executive, sales promotion copy writer, voice talent) and Bill Dengler Studios (voice talent), Leslie voiced commercials, video promos, documentaries, and narrations for such clients as Sibley’s, Kodak, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Dodge, Carborundum, Hooker Chemical, Mossberg, DuPont, and Agway.

After spending several years in advertising and voiceover work, Leslie’s love of theatre brought her into the classroom. A two-time Disney Teacher-of-the-Year nominee, she enjoyed a distinguished 27-year teaching career, engaging 6th though 12th graders in theatre arts, creative writing and English. Upon retiring from teaching with three degrees and five certifications, Leslie returned to voice acting full-time.

Lined in blue 2” Studiofoam Metro Auralex – (What? The house is Country French!) - Leslie’s Source-Connected home recording studio is her favorite hangout. She voices commercials; narrations; education presentations; character and game voices; Internet advertising, webisodes, and video promos; e-Learning scripts; and now, audio books.

Outside her favorite hangout, Leslie attends theatre, performs on-stage, reads voraciously, bikes and sails, cooks, crochets and gardens, groans through yoga workouts and enjoys entertaining family and friends.

Leslie and her husband live happily in Western New York.